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GDPR changes

Swansea Council supports the objectives of increasing openness, accountability and transparency in the public sector.

We are committed to a proactive approach regarding access to information.

GDPR and change

In anticipation of the regulatory changes that will affect Swansea Council due to the General Data Protection Regulation coming into force in May 2018 we are committed to a programme of training and change for our staff to meet the challenges.

  • We will ensure that the principles of the GDPR are part of our methods of handling your data to ensure fairness, lawfulness and data protection by design.  We are introducing new approaches to our personal data gathering systems and reviewing existing personal data held
  • We will ensure that risk to the loss of your personal data is minimised as much as possible without impacting our ability to continue delivering services across Swansea Council, via the Data Protection Impact Assessment process
  • We will inform you in specific Privacy Notices what we are doing with your data and why where appropriate
  • We have in place the methods to meet the demands of the Subject Access Request process and the right to erasure.

What we hold

Swansea Council is responsible for a wide range of local functions that affect the everyday lives of residents. Information held by the Council is of great relevance and interest to the public.

A list of the information regularly made available by the Council to the public can be found in our Publication Scheme.

Your information rights

There are now numerous pieces of legislation governing your rights of access to information held by the Council. These include but are not limited to:

  • Data Protection Act 2018
  • Environmental Information Regulations 2004
  • Freedom of Information Act 2000
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